Centro Spiritualista di Studi Cristici

Who we are

The origins of the movement "Il Cenacolo" date back to 1943. Its aim is living and spreading Christ teachings.
Its story began in Milano when an Entele (an angel) started dictating "messages" to a man (medium) who, once understood what was happening to him, shared them with the people close to him.
The initial group grew bigger and, after a few years, the movement "Il Cenacolo" was founded.
Now "Il Cenacolo" is present and active in many parts of our country. In every Centre there are weekly meetings to read, meditate, live and spread Christ teachings.
The maxim of "Il Cenacolo" is "open doors". The attendance to the meetings is free and result of a personal choice; the movement can be freely joined and freely left, with no need of justification. Anybody can attend the meetings, attendace doesn't involve neither any kind of engagement nor any kind of cost.
"Il Cenacolo" is not tied down to any religion and does not follow any rite or ritual; among attendants there are neither masters nor disciples.

The teaching received

In this era characterized by so many scientific and technical marvels, each of us feels the need to give a sense to one's life. For this, it is necessary to ask ourselves who we are, where we origin from, why we are here and where we will go.
Only finding an answer to these questions we shall understand the true reason of our existence and give a sense to one's life, either long or short, to happiness and sorrow, to difficulties and struggles. Only in this way, we shall fill this sense of emptiness that we sometimes feel and calm the sense of anxiety that so often takes us. We shall explain to ourselves why a part of humanity is rich and peaceful and another part lives in poverty or hunger.
The teachings we received were given to us in order to reach the awareness of our human life along with our spiritual life and in order to share them with who wishes to start the journey that leads to knowledge and deep self-transformation.

You have questions for us?

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