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Glossary of terms, extract from "Dizionario di Scienze Occulte e Lessico Ultrafanico" by Cesira Corti - Ceschina editore.





ANGELS: Purest Intelligence, that is to say vital and immortal Divine Sparks that have never been clothed in matter.

ANONTES: Disembodied soul that has passed throught the earliest evolutionary biotheses and is now beyond reawakening.

APPORT: Condensation of energy for the reconstitution of matter with the intervention of the medium and by concession of the Law.

ASPORT: Motion of dissociation inverse in direction to apport.

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BARONTES: Disembodied soul in the earliest evolutionary biotheses, in which negativity manifests itself with the greatest force.

BIOTHESES: Zones of constriction, thought environments, potential states of the soul in which the evolution of disembodied spirits is fulfilled.

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CHRISTESTHESIA: Reception of Christic waves through the medium.

CONDENSATION: Transformation of energies until their material densification.

CONSTRICTION OF THE SOUL: A state of the soul in which it is impossible for it to expand towards the Infinite.

CRYPTESTHESIA: The faculty of the soul to attract various radiations and recompose the radiating environment harmoniously. Reception by the medium from evolutionary environments.

CYCLE: A complete period of an evolution or of a phase of evolution. Period of time in which an action is completed.

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DIRECT VOICES: Manifestations of Law by which an ethereal vibration is transformed into physical sound.

DISHARMONY: Lack of harmony with the divine energies.

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ECTOPLASM: Fluidic energies emitted by the medium and partecipants in physical medianic sessions and necessary for visual, phantomatic recomposition of perispirits or objects.

ELECTRICITY: Vital energy of the Infinite and finite. Product of two energies donating one to the other their own potential values and leading to an accelerated motion creating electrical unity.

ENERGY: Universal manifestation of the divine Power of the Father translated into the perpetual motion of love. Energies are infinite.

ENTELE: Purified entity. Soul that has redeemed the primal sin and has returned to Purest Energy, reconstituting the Unity split into the two semi-terms of the binomial of the soul.

ENTITY: The disembodied in his thinking and operative quantity.

ENVIRONMENT: This signifies a "state" or complex of energies shaped by thought. It also signifies an "energy zone" in which the souls in the evolutionary phase are gathered: biothesis.

ETHERIC OR ASTRAL BODY: Fluidic cladding enwrapping the soul and constituting the perispirit after it passes on. The progressive dissolution of the perispirit is proportionate to the degree of evolution achieved.

EVOLUTION: Animic, pensative, environmental movement arising out of the fall by pride. Everything that is finite evolves: beyond the finite there is metamorphosis.

EVOLUTIONARY LABOUR: Movement of ransom of mankind; individual movement but also the collective movement of a given mass.

EXTERNALISATION: Projection of substantial Self beyond matter towards the higher energies that attract it.

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FAITH: Imprint of the Origin in the individual, proportionate to the evolutionary degree attained.

FALL: Consequence of the original sin. Union of the Monad to the atom of matter constituting a screen towards the outside and constriction towards inside. Limit of power of the sinful Monad to attain to a recognition and ransom of the sin. Beginning of the catharsis from egoism to altruism.

FINITE: Limit, constriction of thought, body, environment, in which the evolution of the ransom of mankind takes place. In geographical terms, the finite remains within the sun's orbit.

FREE WILL: Divine faculty of knowing how to choose conceded to the Monads. For souls free will is sin, being always a trasgression of the Law of Love.

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GERMINATIVE PRINCIPLE: Principle (that is memory of the promise) existing in each human being, but veiled by matter which alters it or conceals the memory.

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HALTING: Stasis in substantive pensative and human work that consists in giving of oneself to one's fellows.

HUMAN TRINITY: The imprint of the Divinity in man, which identifies itself in thought, in reason and in conscience.

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INCISION: Negative sign impressed by human thought and action on the "ribbon of life" and which has to be redeemed by an equal and opposite sign.

INFESTATION: Presence of barren, involuted and disembodied entities that employ negative energies and often make use of the medianic faculties of a human.

INFINITE: Realm of God, unlimited and inconceivable to man.

INTELLIGENCE: Imprint of the Divinity.

INTERPENETRATION: Capacity of fourth dimension attainable when evolution is complete.

INVOLUTION: State consequent upon the first sin.

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KARMA: Law of cause and effect. Motion of divine Justice accelerating human ransom. It is related to the divine Mercy which does not permit a regression of motion.

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LAW: Divinity, divine Will.

LAW OF LOVE: The law of Christ condensed into "Love one another as I love you".

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MAGNETIC FIELDS: Zone of interference between two or more psychic and physical energies differently orientated. Physically the disharmony of the magnetic fields between the organs of a single individual generates pathology.

MATTER: Atomic energy out of whose decomposition and composition are sprung the stellar worlds. In the Infinite matter is potential electric and electrifying energy; in the finite it condenses in a different way until the point of complete densification.

MEDIANIC CHAIN: Unity of thought direction among the participants in a medianic session, for a given purpose.

MEDIANIC PASSAGES: Transfusion of psychophysical energies from one individual to another by the intervention of a medium and action of disembodied being.

MEDIANIC SLEEP: Detachment of the human Self of the medium by the action of the Guiding Entity, who takes possession of it by Law and thus manifests himself to humans.

MEDIUM: Individual whose pineal gland is particularly plastic and so enables the reception of astral and angelic vibrations. Sensitive with physical effects and spiritual manifestations of different degrees.

MEDIUMSHIP: Faculty possessed by every human, though in different ways and consisting in catching vibrations and thought waves emitted by entities beyond the limit.

METAMORPHOSIS: Perennial vibrant motion existing beyond the limit and in soul terms after the Ascent.

METEMPSYCHOSIS: Reincarnation, but with the aberration admitting the possibility of the incarnation of soul in an animal.

MONAD - Divine Essence, Birth of Everlasting, divine Spark.

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NEGATIVE ENERGIES: Those energies that destroy the harmony of the vital movement and derive from the state of barrenness of individuals.

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ORIGINAL SIN: The sin of pride that caused the fall of the Monads culpable.

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PUREST INTELLIGENCES: Purest Spirits that are not stained with the first sin and have never been clad in matter.

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REINCARNATION: Motion of Law consequent upon the original fall and the subsequent sins. Constrictive labour for the gradual ransom of the sins committed. The absence of memory of the past lives - saving exceptions - is divine Mercy which avoids the repetition of disharmonies that have already been manifested previously and which renew the sins expiated.

RIBBON OF LIFE: Electrified band of energy that receives the positive and negative thought incisions of the individual in time. These incisions are represented to the soul after passing on for judgement and expiation.

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SORROW: Law of ransom for the human deriving from the awareness of the error committed. It ranges from physical suffering to soul sorrow and subsequently from this to the quest for the sorrow of others to make it one's own. Manifestation in time of the Law of Love.

SOUL: The Monad encapsulated in matter and in evolutionary phase.

SOUL ENERGIES: Complex of psychophysical energies emitted by the soul.

SPIRAL: Evolutionary movement of ascent of humanity and matter.

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TELEKINESIS: Movement at a distance caused by psychic forces regulated by Entities.

TELEPATHY: Electric phenomenon of syntonisation causing thought to join between two different psyches, one vibrating the other receiving.

THOUGHT WAVES: Vibration emitted by ambodied and disembodied souls.

TIPTOLOGY: Medianic manifestation of limited force through dense bodies (tables, tablets etc.).

TWIN SOUL/BINOMIAL OF THE SOUL: The two semi-terms of the Monad divided by the Everlasting to accelerate evolution. The two semi-terms will reunite before entering the biotheses of Knowledge and Wisdom.

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ULTRAPHANIC: Which is from beyond the visible and the perceptible.

UNDERSTANDING: Capacity derived from the substantial animic knowledge.

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